Local Business Could Be Hurt Under E-Cigarette Legislation

Debbie Shecton opened up her brand new business, Vapor Divas, in March.

Aside from selling electronic cigarettes, she makes the electronic liquid you put in them.

Business in Watertown’s Solar Building has been good, but she’s not smiling about anything right now.

“Very, very angry. It takes away the peoples choice,” said Shecton.

She’s referring to the people’s choice to use electronic cigarettes.

The state Senate’s health committee held a hearing on the safety on e-cigs.

Different pieces of legislation involving them are pending, including banning the sale of electronic liquid as well as banning the smoking of e-cigs in public buildings.

“I think we need to be very very cautious of putting this product in the stores where there’s no regulation or limited regulation,” said Senator Martin Golden (R. – 22nd District).

These proposals are in the early stages of becoming laws, but if electronic liquid is indeed banned, one of Franklin Street’s newest tenants would be no more.

“I would definitely have to close. That’s the whole electronic cigarette,” said Shecton.

Questions still linger about how safe electronic cigarettes really are.

Even the Senate is still waiting for a more comprehensive study on their effects on the body.

It’s clear what Shecton thinks.

“They’re all around a lot healthier. So I definitely am going to fight for them,” said Shecton.

And she’ll start by writing her representatives in Albany.