Children Commissioner fumes over photo of boy with cigarette

:Children Commissioner fumes over photo of boy with cigarette A photo posted on Facebook of a young boy with a cigarette in his mouth has been slammed by the Children’s Commissioner.

The photo features the three-year-old stepson of Trevor Cooper – who won one of the country’s biggest ever lottery payouts in 2012.

It shows the boy with his older brother, both with cigarettes in their mouths and holding premixed alcoholic drinks.

Children’s Commission Dr Russell Wills says it’s dreadful and distasteful.


Michael Colhoun from Action On Smoking and Health New Zealand says it’s not clear if the cigarettes were lit, but it still sends a wrong message.

“It’s really about that we’re normalising smoking so it really shows you that the child in terms of the family’s behaviour towards smoking that it’s a normal, everyday thing to do, which it’s not.”